About Carol

Carol A. Bouldin, M. S., LMFT, Retired, worked in the field of mental health for thirty-five years.  She has considerable breadth of experience, having worked in inpatient and outpatient settings, community mental health, drug abuse, group homes, corrections, and private practice, and she has worked with individuals, couples, families, groups, taught classes, and led seminars. Her specialty areas are trauma and abuse, women’s issues, and religious addiction and abuse. Her theoretical approach focused on self and developmental psychology, systems theory, social psychology, and feminist psychology, and she has had specialized training in RET, hypnosis, symbology, and mythology.

Carol no longer does therapy but now works as a consultant and trainer for individuals, groups, and organizations who wish to increase their awareness of what constitutes healthy interaction and how to work with others effectively in the pursuit of goals that enhance the health of the individuals involved as well as the health of the larger community or institution.  She is particularly interested in engaging with organizations that are pursuing practices and promoting policies which serve to protect and preserve the human rights of women and children.