Elders & Family

Do you dread the holidays because it means spending time  with your family and/or your in-laws?

Are there old issues that keep rearing their heads despite  all your attempts to resolve or avoid them?

Do you find yourself or your family member overwhelmed with grief when thinking  about the past?

Has your elder become frail or forgetful and you worry about airing areas of difficulty?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you have come to the right place.  Carol A. Bouldin, M.S., LMFT assists elders and their family members to heal old wounds and resolve any issues that separate them so that in the precious time they have left together they may experience increased openness and connection, have more satisfying interaction, happier holidays, enjoy each other’s company more, and feel more at peace because they have dealt with any unfinished business prior to their elder’s passing.

Carol also uses music therapy and guided imagery to encourage memory connections and in order to engage elders in accessing their feelings and soothe a sense of loss of all things familiar by acknowledging and respecting their history:  friends, family members, homes, good times, celebrities, landmarks, communities and all things past.  The participants have fun, remember, learn, connect with others, and are helped to feel more positive about the past and the present.

The music therapy program helps rebuild connections both with the
past and with others in the present through the use of music, association, and personal connection in an accepting, comfortable, and playful atmosphere.  Interactions are designed to build self-acceptance, self-worth, and improve mood and cognitive competency through the application of the therapeutic techniques of affirmation, guided imagery, active listening, NLP, reframing, and positive suggestion, and the result is therapeutic as well as enjoyable.

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